Soni Typing Tutor

Improve your typing speed with the help of this approachable application that provides you with a host of exercises as well as tests

Version: 4.1.82

Updated: Nov 13th 2018

Developer: Soni Typing Tutor

Downloads: 2577


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Flvto Youtube Downloader

With this simple and intuitive application, you can swiftly download all your favorite online videos to your computer, in just a couple of moves


Updated: Jun 15th 2018

Developer: Hotger Corp.

Downloads: 8210


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Develop complex applications for iOS devices with the help of this comprehensive and user-friendly piece of software for prototyping

Version: 3.9.1

Updated: Sep 13th 2018

Developer: Studio XID, Inc.

Downloads: 2032


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JR Typing Tutor

Learn how to type in English, Hindi or Punjabi and test your typing skills using this comprehensive, user-friendly software solution

Version: 9.33

Updated: Jan 3rd 2018

Developer: Typing Solution

Downloads: 16247


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Renee Video Editor

Crop, add effects, subtitles, watermarks or even split and join video files with the help of this lightweight yet feature-rich software application

Version: 1.0.0

Updated: Feb 2nd 2018

Developer: Rene.E Laboratory Ltd.

Downloads: 1475


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iMyFone TunesMate

Manage the contents of your iOS device, as well as transfer data between it and your computer, all with the help of this easy-to-use app


Updated: May 30th 2018

Developer: iMyFone Technology Co.

Downloads: 1862


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Enhance the appearance of your portraits by automatically retouching the skin tone, color and overall look by using this reliable app

Version: 2.1

Updated: Jan 24th 2017


Downloads: 1747


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OBD Auto Doctor

Diagnose your vehicle, detect malfunctions, monitor sensors or on-board performance using a simple yet powerful application with a user-friendly interface

Version: 3.5.2

Updated: May 21st 2018

Developer: Creosys

Downloads: 3296


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Cloak your online habits and activities with the help of this user-friendly and modern-looking virtual private network application

Version: 1.7.2

Updated: Dec 4th 2018

Developer: ProtonVPN AG

Downloads: 2126


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Simple Disable Key

Easily customize the behavior of your keyboard with this application that allows you to disable certain keys using custom shortcuts

Version: 8.0

Updated: Sep 26th 2018

Developer: 4dots Software

Downloads: 2357


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Sophisticated mindmap designer with over 25 templates, markers, stickers, file attachments, notes, password protection, and others

Version: 9.0.0

Updated: Jan 25th 2018

Developer: XMind Ltd

Downloads: 1569


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RapidMiner Studio

A great data mining application that allows you to import data from multiple sources and create complex analysis models in order to understand data trends

Version: 9.0.3

Updated: Oct 4th 2018

Developer: RapidMiner GmbH

Downloads: 16987


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Gihosoft TubeGet

Quickly download YouTube clips, pick the preferred video quality or convert the clips to MP3 format using this free and stylish application

Version: 4.3.0

Updated: Oct 1st 2018

Developer: Gihosoft

Downloads: 2937


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Renee PassNow

An application designed to help users recover their system login passwords by reseting them to blank, directly from the boot sequence

Version: 2017.07.10.104

Updated: Mar 9th 2018

Developer: Rene.E Laboratory Ltd.

Downloads: 1777


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Play your favorite videos to Chromecast or Apple TV devices that are connected to the same wireless network as your computer, all due to this straightforward app

Version: 2.3.14

Updated: Dec 11th 2018

Developer: InMethod

Downloads: 4698


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Real-time, context-aware protection against ransomware wrapped in a user-friendly interface, featuring alerts and advanced tools


Updated: Dec 6th 2018

Developer: CheckMAL Inc.

Downloads: 2503


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Passport Photo Maker

Simple-to-use and straightforward application which enables you to quickly generate and print photos according to certain ID types

Version: 8.35

Updated: Nov 15th 2018

Developer: AMS Software

Downloads: 4653


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KORG PA Manager

A simple and easy to understand application that can help you neatly organize the music sets you have, be it styles, performances, sounds or pads

Version: 3.2 Build 5820

Updated: Oct 21st 2018


Downloads: 3595


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Stereo Tool

A powerful solution for all music enthusiasts who want to manipulate sound, enhance their audio recordings or simply listen to music at a higher quality

Version: 9.11

Updated: Oct 26th 2018

Developer: Hans van Zutphen

Downloads: 12619


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Security Eye

Turns your computer into a complete security monitoring solution that enables you to configure your surveillance cameras network

Version: 4.4

Updated: Jun 9th 2018

Developer: Security Eye Software

Downloads: 2184


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