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PPPshar Accelerator is an application that features Internet connection sharing with web browsing acceleration. PPPshar is available in two versions - PPPshar Pro and PPPshar Accelerator. PPPshar Accelerator differs from PPPshar Pro in two significant areas: features & configurability. PPPshar Accelerator has advanced features like web page caching, site filtering, privacy options, traffic logging and so on and does all the functions of the Pro version. PPPshar Accelerator and Pro versions are available in 1, 5, 10, 20 and unlimited user licenses. PPPshar Lite version has been discontinued.

PPPshar can share any type of Internet connection - be it standard dialup, AOL, DirecWay, any satellite, DSL or cable modem connection. PPPshar is small, light weight, very easy to setup and use. All Internet services are preconfigured for ease of use.

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PPPshar Accelerator on a single computer not connected to a network:

You can even use PPPshar Accelerator in a standalone computer. No need to have a network of computers. Internet connection sharing (ICS) is just one of the feature of PPPshar Accelerator. You just need a 1-user version. The Features & FAQ section has the answer to the question - why you should use PPPshar Accelerator on a standalone computer.

PPPshar Accelerator in a networked environment:

Share Internet connection with web page & file caching and more...

If you are already using a ICS or proxy or router, you can still use PPPshar Accelerator since it has HTTP proxy support. PPPshar Accelerator can run on the same computer where your proxy is running or even on another computer in the network. So PPPshar Accelerator software need not replace your existing Internet Sharing solution but can work alongwith it to enhance, accelerate, secure your web browsing.

PPPshar Accelerator - How does it speed-up your web browsing and file download times ?

Webpage Caching. What is Caching and how it speeds up browsing, saves Internet bandwidth and costs. ?

Browser Cache: When a Web page is requested, it is saved to disk. If it is required again, the disk copy is used. This technique is used in all web browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.

PPPshar Accelerator Cache: In a proxy cache like PPPshar Accelerator, users request pages from a local server (the computer where PPPshar Accelerator is installed) instead of direct from the remote webserver. PPPshar Accelerator gets the page, saves it on disk and forwards it to the user. Subsequent requests from other users of the cache get the saved copy, which is much faster and does not consume Internet bandwidth. The real benefits accrue from using a proxy cache on a LAN with many users. Any new page accessed by anyone is stored in the PPPshar Accelerator cache. The next person to access that page gets the cached copy, at full LAN speed, rather than going to the remote source. Using a cache speeds up Web browsing & file downloading significantly. This may be a thousand times faster, or more.

Here are some key features of "PPPshar Accelerator":

■ Webpage Caching, Speeds-up web browsing & file downloads.

■ Website blocking and filtering.

■ Online Privacy Protection Options for all users in the network.

■ Logging of traffic and page access statistics.

■ Supports any http (web) proxy server software.

■ Option to enable direct connection to remote server port through https connection.

■ Restrict users from downloading large files - movies, music files, by setting a limit in megabytes (MB)

■ Disable caching of specific websites.

■ Secure Proxy (SSL) service required to access Secure (https) sites is configurable in settings.ini


■ Java Virtual Machine


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