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BitBeamer is an Internet file transfer application and handles a large number of tasks: BitBeamer is a fully featured FTP Client and also a Download Manager that will integrate into your browser.

If you are a user of LeechFTP, you will feel familiar with BitBeamer, it follows the same principle of queued multithreaded file transfer. BitBeamer is very easy to use, for beginners there are Assistants that guide you through the process of File Download, File Upload and Directory Synchronization. Advanced users will find a large number of functions that the average user hardly ever needs.

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BitBeamer also includes an experimental module for sharing and downloading MP3 files from OpenNap Servers.

■ Multithreaded File Transfer Engine

BitBeamer can transfer multiple items at a time, even from multiple servers. Download two files from Server A und upload to Server B at the same time.

■ Queue-based File Transfer

You don't have to wait for one transfer to complete before you can initiate the next. All transfers are placed in a transfer queue, you can freely determine the order of the transfers.

■ Multi-User Support

For Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP with one shared installation every user can keep his own program settings, FTP Favorites any many other settings are stored independent from other users.

■ Web Browser Integration

Microsoft Internet Explorer recommended. Downloads are started automatically from your Web Browser, depending on the filename (configurable).

■ Windows Shell Operations

Drag and Drop, Copy and Paste. You can drag a file from your desktop and drop it into a FTP directory to upload it.

■ SOCKS Firewall Support

BitBeamer supports the SOCKS protocol for Firewalls, a Firewall with SOCKS v5 is strongly recommended.

■ Speed Limit

If you don't want to waste your complete bandwidth for a transfer, you can throttle the transfer by setting a speed limit.

■ File Manager

Create directories, Copy or delete files, BitBeamer offers all the functions you know from your favorite file manager.

■ CRC Checksum Generation/Verification

You can generate and verify CRC32 checksums for all local files, this can come in handy when transferring huge files and you want to ensure the file's integrity.

■ Automatic Testing of Archives

Downloaded ZIP, RAR and ACE Archives are automatically tested for corruption.

■ File Download and Upload

Download or upload single files to a FTP server.

■ Recursive Directory Download and Upload

Download or upload complete directories, including all files and subdirectories.

■ Multithreaded File Transfer

BitBeamer can establish multiple connections to a single FTP server.

■ File/Directory Move

The Move Operation is the same as Download/Upload, but the files are removed from the source directory after successful transfer.

■ Filename Conversion

BitBeamer can convert filenames to uppercase or lowercase prior to transferring the file.

■ Multi-Part File Download

Splitting up downloads is useful for sites that have a speed limit, you can raise your effective download speed by transferring multiple parts at once.

■ Automatic Transfer Resuming

If the connection to a FTP server is lost during transfer, BitBeamer Keygen will attempt to reestablish the connection and continues the transfer at the same point.

■ FTP Search Interface

BitBeamer's extremely fast FTP Search Interface can be used to search for files on thousands of public FTP servers.

■ UNIX File Flags Editing

View and modify file attributes on Unix/Linux Servers.

■ Offline Mode / FTP Directory Cache

The FTP directory cache allows access to previously visited FTP directories without the need of a physical connection to the server.

■ Custom FTP Commands

If necessary, you can send your own FTP commands to the server.

■ FTP Favorites Menu

Quick access to all your favorite FTP sites is provided by the Favorites Menu.

■ FTP Upload Assistant

This Assistant guides you through the process of uploading files to a FTP server, useful for people that have only little knowledge of the FTP protocol.

■ FTP Directory Synchronization Assistant

Directory Synchronization offers an easy way to update a FTP server or

■ FTP Site-to-Site Transfers (FXP)

Transfer files between two FTP servers without downloading the files to your computer first. Because the files are copied directly from server to server the transfer speed is not limited by your own Internet connection.

■ Secure Login Procedure (OTP)

BitBeamer supports One-Time Passwords (OTP), the login password is then sent as a MD5 or SHA-1 hash. Only available if the FTP server supports the OTP system.

■ HTTP Downloads, from Web Browser or URL

HTTP Downloads can be started automatically from your web browser or you can enter an URL directly into the BitBeamer Download Assistant.

■ Link Leech Mode for Microsoft Internet Explorer

Download all files from a web page with one click!

■ Optional Automatic Download to last directory

If you download multiple files in a row, just hit the 'Automatic' button and BitBeamer will download the file to the previously used directory.

■ HTTP User Authentication

BitBeamer supports the download of password protected files.

■ Multi-Part File Download

Split up large downloads into multiple chunks, this will result in a better overall transfer rate when the server has a per-connection transfer speed limit.


■ 30 day trial


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