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Designed for people of all ages, Parental Web Browser is a web browser that enables parents to filter and control what their children can see and do over the Internet. The browser also controls external browsers and web-enabled applications to help keep your children safe online. You can let your children browse freely with the comfort of knowing that they can't view anything you don't want them to.

Filtering content can be updated quickly and easily, via the 'Online Services' area in the browser. The browser monitors the age of each individual user and adapts accordingly.

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Age groups:

Assign each user to a preset age group. Each age group can be configured individually. When the user becomes a year older, the browser will automatically change the age group of the user and adapt their settings accordingly. To decrease the risks of RSI, the parental web browser includes a session timing feature that will automatically lock the session after a preset amount of time. This means that the user must take a 15 minute break before returning to their session (time limits can be configured for personal preference).

Individual user accounts:

Each user will have their own, personal user account. When the browser launches, the user is required to 'Login' to their account. Their personal settings (themes, history, favourites etc.) will be loaded to the browser and the last page they viewed will automatically launch. This means that parent can browse through the sites each child has visited with ease.

User management:

The 'Users and Accounts' console provides a centralized area to manage all of your users. Here you can view the pages each user has visited, change their password, delete the account and also change options for all users (for example, session time limits).

Management Console:

The Management Console is used to assign allowed or denied sites to each individual age group. You can also block sites containing specific words or phrases and also images or flash content. This console is designed for centralising all of you browsing management requirements.

Reporting features:

If you have found a site, word or phrase that has not been blocked by the browser, you can use this feature to inform us. We will then ensure that all content we are informed of is available to our customers to quickly and easily add to their denied sites or language filters. This effective tools can prevent users around the world from viewing unwanted sites.

Fresh User Interface:

The fresh, new design is adaptable for people of all ages. Friendly new pop-up menus make the browser easier to use and nicer to look at.

Theme support:

With 5 available default themes, you can quickly change the look of the browser to suit your personal preference. With our new icon theme support, you can also change the toolbar icons. (You must submit your icons to iWare-UK for submission. We will then host the submitted icons so all of our customers can use them)

Tabbed browsing:

The parental web browser contains a tabbed browsing feature that enables more than one site to be open in the same window. Rather than having to launch a new instance of the browser, users can simply select the 'New Tab' button from the toolbar and a new tab will open at your default home page. You can then easily switch between tabs at any time.

Block external browsers and web-enabled applications:

The new Internet monitor feature ensures that your child can only view content over the Internet from the parental web browser. Should users try to access the Internet through another known browser, they will be prompted that the application is blocked. This ensures that online content can only be viewed through the filtering features set in the parental web browser.

Pop-up blocker:

Our enhanced pop-up blocker ensures that unwanted pop-ups will not appear, unless authorised by the user.

Automatic viewing of secure sites:

This new feature will automatically add secure sites to your allowed sites list. This tools will decrease the time spent authorising a site or manually adding the site to your allowed list. This feature will only initialize if the site is suitable for the user to view. This feature also provides speed enhancements to secure sites, to enable you to view pages faster. Should the page be denied or contain unwanted language, the feature will not add the page to your allowed sites.


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