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Special Agent PC Secure is a Spyware and Adware monitor and cleaner with real time monitoring; as well a database that is update almost daily.

A configurable firewall, Phishing site and malware detecting monitor and browser. It Hides and Encrypt files and documents you don't want any to see or find.

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Encrypt messages, that you can email or print. And a security File shredder. It also has a host of IP tools -Connection monitor, DNS and alias tool. It can encrypt your passwords and makes them Key Logger proof when you need them.

Special Agent PC Secure, has 3 different encryption tools. PC Secure has a Phishing detecting browser with ultra high security. PC Secure has 4 different full time monitors, and a Firewall that watches for intruders.

Two Spyware Removers, one real time cleaner that removes them before they install and one deep scanner that scans automatically once a day.

Here are some key features of "Special Agent PC Secure ":

■ Protects you from Internet Intruders with its' strict configurable Firewall

■ Protects you from Spyware, Adware, Hijackers, and Trojans, being downloaded to your machine, with its' Malware monitor and Remover.

■ Protects you from Phishing and back door sites, with its' Phishing Detector, it's database is updated whenever a new site is reported.

■ PC Secure tells you when you are on a site that is known to download malware (Drive By Downloads) onto your computer without your knowledge.

■ PC Secure has a fool proof Phishing Browser, verifies the IP address, IP owner, URL Aliases. Even when you use your own browser it can still spot one.

■ Tells you who owns the Domain, the IP address, and what country the site you're currently visiting is in.

■ Protects you from hackers, spies, and Key loggers stealing your passwords, with its encryption tools.

■ Protects your private files by hiding them and encrypting them. Even you will not be able to find them until PC Secure un-encrypts and un-hides them for you.

■ Protects your privacy by shredding files instead of putting them in the Recycle Bin.

■ Protects private messages such as email through encryption, so only you and the individual you give the key to can read them.

■ Tells you if a program is trying to send home information without your knowledge.

■ Can locks down your computer from the outside world in just 1 second.


■ 30 day trial


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