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A computer can be a source of entertainment as well as a practical tool and there are several applications out there that embrace that fact. Mouse Tracker Toy is a program that allows users to add four images to their desktop that can follow the mouse movements, as well as interacting with each other in a number of ways.

When users open Mouse Tracker Toy for the first time, they will be presented with four images that interact with the mouse cursor and other images in different ways. Some will chase the mouse, some will chase the ones chasing the mouse, one will just watch, and another will run away from the cursor.

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How the images interact with the cursor and each other can be customized, as well as the speed the images move at, how transparent they are and if they are movable with the mouse or not. The range of options is quite in-depth, users can control the different axis speeds independently, as well as hiding a particular image.

The standard images are extremely basic and very random, and, sooner or later, users will want to change the images to ones of their own. Mouse Tracker Toy Keygen supposedly supports this, but to actually do it requires editing the INI file and other advanced editing expertise that many users might not have. Not to mention editing INI files often requires a specialist application.

The awkward system of editing the program ruins one of its core aspects, being able to add new images in the say way users add copies of existing images. Failing that, at least a method that didn't involve advanced editing procedures that are out of the reach of some users, and not worth the effort of other users.

Mouse Tracker Toy is going to appeal to a limited number of adults, and might interest children more, it would be in Mouse Tracker Toy's interest to be user friendly and accessible. Unfortunately, it is not. Once images are added to the program, there is a range of useful settings and features, but adding new images is a serious problem that undermines much of what Mouse Tracker Toy is trying to achieve.


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