K7 Computing appoints K Purushothaman as new chief executive

Maker of security solutions, K7 Computing announced the appointment of its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). K Purushothaman who joined the company earlier this month. Purushothaman was earlier a senior director at NASSCOM serving the organisation for over a decade. He has served as the head of communications for Aircel and has also been associated with Hyundai Motor India.

J Kesavardhanan, Founder & CTO, K7 Computing said; “As the first indigenous cybersecurity solutions provider; K7 Computing has always been driven by a strong focus on technology. I am confident that with his experience, Puroshothaman will also induce Marketing and Sales focused work culture; which is equally important for the overall brand reputation and growth of an organization.”

Kesavardhanan, who is the Founder of K7 Computing and was also, shouldering the responsibilities of the CEO; will now be the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Kesavardhanan was also recently appointed as the first CEO of AVAR. AVAR is the Association of Anti-Virus Asia Researchers established in June 1998 with the objective of countering the spread of malware and mitigating its impact.

He added “With the recent repositioning and expansion into the enterprise segment with new offerings; K7 Computing is well positioned to enter into an era of growth and expansion.