Kaspersky Small Office Security

Ensures real-time protection of your computer and the entire network, creates secure vaults for sensitive files, so you can go about your business without running any unnecessary risks

Version: / Beta

Updated: July 18 2019

Developer: Kaspersky

Downloads: 13875


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Trend Micro OfficeScan

A powerful managed antivirus service supporting antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall protection for endpoint and mobile security

Version: 11.0.1028 / 11.0.6134 SP 1 Patch

Updated: Feb 6th 2018

Developer: Trend Micro

Downloads: 83396


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NANO AntiVirus Pro

Provides reliable protection of your computer from any kind of malware provided you perform regular scans of your entire PC or selected folders


Updated: July 24 2019

Developer: NANO Security

Downloads: 75537


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Anti-malware application with basic protection against viruses, spyware, adware and other web threats, wrapped up in a highly intuitive interface


Updated: November 4 2019

Developer: Malwarebytes

Downloads: 1721527


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Auslogics Anti-Malware

Thoroughly examine your PC and detect all malicious or suspicious threats, then remove them to ensure your computer runs smoothly


Updated: November 13 2019

Developer: AusLogics Inc

Downloads: 5119


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An antivirus solution that is able to detect over 750.000 viruses, worms and trojans in order to protect your computer and email from security threats

Version: 0.102.1

Updated: November 20 2019

Developer: Cisco

Downloads: 39208


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Kaspersky Internet Security

Safe and secure PC protection and browsing experience via antivirus protection, application control, network attack blocker, anti-spam, virtual keyboard, and more

Version: / Beta

Updated: July 18 2019

Developer: Kaspersky

Downloads: 3019879


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Kaspersky Total Security

A feature-packed security software solution that blocks malware, protects against online banking frauds and encrypts a wide range of data

Version: / Beta

Updated: July 18 2019

Developer: Kaspersky

Downloads: 90892


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Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Accessible and user-friendly antivirus solution that allows users to protect their personal computer from various types of malware

Version: / 2021 Beta

Updated: July 18 2019

Developer: Kaspersky

Downloads: 6351910


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EMCO Malware Destroyer

Quickly scan for, locate and remove malware from your computer's system within a user-friendly interface with the help of this specialized tool

Version: 8.2.25 Build 1164

Updated: Dec 3rd 2018

Developer: EMCO

Downloads: 128085


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Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Feather-light and free antivirus solution from renowned developer that keeps the PC protected at all times from malware without requiring user configuration


Updated: September 18 2019

Developer: Bitdefender LLC

Downloads: 634136


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Avast Premier

A reliable and efficient software utility that provides you with complete computer protection, functioning as an antivirus and antispyware tool

Version: 19.9.2394

Updated: October 11 2019

Developer: AVAST Software

Downloads: 47616


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VIRUSfighter Server

Antivirus application for Windows servers, which features multiple scanning methods with configurable settings, a quarantine manager, and reports

Version: 7.5.162

Updated: Feb 3rd 2018

Developer: SPAMfighter

Downloads: 9662


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Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

A comprehensive and reliable application that enables you to create a boot disc or ISO file to help you clean your system within minutes


Updated: Feb 3rd 2018

Developer: Symantec

Downloads: 20913


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Ransomware Defender

Monitors your PC to block ransomware agents, featuring three scan modes for on-demand scans, quarantine manager, advanced scan settings, scheduled tasks, and more

Version: 4.2.0

Updated: May 27 2019

Developer: Shieldapps

Downloads: 4441


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Avira Free Security Suite

A suite of security tools that provides basic protection and optimization for your computer, thanks to the Avira Free Antivirus, Phantom VPN, and System Speedup


Updated: November 21 2019

Developer: Avira GmbH

Downloads: 5405


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Avast Internet Security

Complete protection for your PC, including anti-spam, firewall, anti-spyware and antivirus, all working together in order to prevent malware

Version: 19.9.2394

Updated: October 11 2019

Developer: AVAST Software

Downloads: 444506


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Avast Pro Antivirus

Get continuous protection against viruses and spyware, secure online purchases, protect your data and identity and block hacker attacks

Version: 19.9.2394

Updated: October 11 2019

Developer: AVAST Software

Downloads: 735979


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An antivirus software that provides protection against various threats, cleans up malicious components and runs discreetly in the background

Version: 7.5.165

Updated: Jul 18th 2018

Developer: SPAMfighter

Downloads: 35210


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AVG Internet Security

Safely browse the Internet, stay protected and prevent data theft attempts and periodically scan your computer for virus threats

Version: 19.8.3108

Updated: September 23 2019

Developer: AVG Technologies

Downloads: 782044


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